LRT Story

It is almost done. The deal is in the final stages of completion. HFCC property basically is now sold to Metrolinks. There are a few kinks to be ironed out. However it is good as sold.

Then what? Is it the end of HFCC? Not so fast.

Twenty-six years ago we were at the threshold of making a big decision. Money was being raised to buy a place to build a community centre. Different Filipino Associations banded together and agreed to raise enough money to purchase a lot and/or building in Hamilton. The opportunity arose in 1993, by chance, when CEO and President Bonner Villabroza saw a for sale sign on a building, on his way to work. The rest is history.

HFCC was a building bought with the support of the different Filipino organizations 23 years ago. It is still in use today.

At present we are again at the cusps of another momentous decision. We are seriously looking for another place for another community centre perhaps even better than the one we have right now.

In the meantime we don’t really have to move till construction starts. The best part is HFCC can stay in the present building rent free till Metrolinks comes knocking at the door to signal construction has begun. That maybe 1-2 years down the road. Stay tuned!

Submitted by Gaspar Aberilla-The opinion expressed are of the author alone and not by HFCC.