What is Sendwave?

The Sendwave mobile remittance app allows Filipinos overseas or OFWs to send money back home to their families without paying any fees. You can send from your phone to GCash, major bank accounts in the Philippines, and to our partnered cash pickup locations. You can find the app in the App store or Google play store. Recipients receive the money you remitted quickly and securely with GCash and cash pickup transfers arriving rapidly and bank transfers arriving in a 1-5 hours.

Sendwave started in 2014 as a mission led company by two engineers from Brown University. They wanted to make sending money across the seas as simple and affordable as sending a text. Recently, we’ve grown to become a leading provider of remittances to Africa and Asia with over 400k active users. In addition, Sendwave is licensed across the United States and backed by many world-renowned investors. We were recently acquired by WorldRemit and we also appeared on the Y-Combinator List of Top Startups, along with Airbnb and DropBox. Our research showed that there was a need in the Filipino community for this no fee, easy to use remittance service, and we wanted to be able to provide it.

How do we use Sendwave?

All you have to do is download the app from their app store or Google Play store. It’s the yellow one with the penguin. Sign up and select PHILIPPINES with the Filipino flag. When prompted, they have to enter the promo code “HFCC” If they forget, they can enter it on the upper right hand side of the app by clicking the person icon and finding the enter promo code field. When they do that, $25 is sent by Sendwave to their recipient as an added bonus.

From there, click into the recipient name field, click on add new recipient, select your payout method, and enter the required information for your recipient. Save their information. Then enter the amount you want to send, click send, and then confirm your transaction!

How does my recipient receive the money? Your recipient can receive the money in their GCash account, a popular mobile wallet in the Philippines, or through bank accounts, or cash pickup locations. Your recipient should receive a text notification about the cash pickup or Gcash transfer. They can check their bank app to verify the funds for bank accounts.