My name is Thess Filio and I’m a licensed funeral pre-planning Advisor in Ontario and a Community Service Counsellor for Dignity Memorial Lifewell celebrated. We are one of the nation’s leading provider in funeral service and cremation not only here in Canada but also in U.S.

In the past, I worked as a Nanny for 10 years, looking after children and I also worked as a PSW for 16 years, looking after Seniors in our community.  Having these experiences, I learned that it doesn’t matter how young or how old you are and how healthy or health conscious you are, these will come to a point when life will come to an end, it maybe unexpected, and we may not know How, Why, Where and When it will happen. No one knows. This is one of the reasons why I am working now for Dignity Memorial, because I know I can be a big help to many people and families like you, during this very, very, difficult time.

I’ve been assisting families for the last three years. I’m passionate about having those conversation that were about to have because, I know how information gathered in the personal planning guide can avoid so many headaches and heartaches when the time comes. Its part of life. Those difficult decisions can be made much easier if proper pre-planning was done. 

I’d like to share some information about a subject that we all think about from time to time but rarely discuss. Planning ahead for funeral arrangements.

It’s hard and difficult to talk about death, but, that’s my Job as a Community Service Counsellor, for Dignity Memorial. I want to make that conversation easier for you, while nothing happened yet. We don’t want anyone to knock on our door unprepared when that unexpected time comes. We know the heartache of losing someone you love and as a licensed preplanning advisor, I am here to prepare you and your family on one of life’s most difficult days and to relieve that emotional and financial burden for you and the family you will leave behind.  That’s why, we try as much as we can, to promote this Information Session or one on one presentations to many people and families. By having this discussion, you will soon discover that planning before the time of need is more about protecting the ones you love than it is about death. Making decisions during a very difficult time can become overwhelming, and many decisions have to be made very quickly under a lot of stress. Think about the burden that will put onto your family that you will leave behind. Your Life, Your Legacy, this is your last gift to yourself and your family, when you leave this world.  The question is…What will be your Legacy? Everyone has their own opinion about prearranging their funeral.  How about yours?


Message from Thess Filio of Dignity Memorial
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Nagdeclare po ang Dignity Memorial na cancel all seminars due to Corona virus especially most people we invite are seniors
Please inform po sa website that the seminar is cancelled.

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